Video Embedding

Written by Chris Williams. Posted in Documentation

Embedding your video content using the 247 Platform is a very simple process!

Simple Video Embedding

To embed your video in your website, simply log into the 247 Platform Console, go to the Videos section, and find your video.  From there, you can click ether on the Live Control  or Video on Demand tab, scroll down to the Embedding Video second, click on the size of video you wish and copy-and-paste the code generated on the right into your website.



Detailed Video Embedding

Video content can be embeded with addional controls to help you automate your website and get the user experience you want.  Here are the parameters that can be passed to the Embed URL that's used in the embed code.  Changing or setting these values will change the default way that the player displays it's video.



The 247 Platform player defaults to autoplaying Live video, and not autoplaying VOD content.  To change this, add &autoplay=1 or &autoplay=0 to force the video to play or not.